Brand: IQAN Parker
Model: IQAN-MD3
Part Number: 20072409
Parker's IQAN-MD3 is a master display unit that works with the expansion modules in IQAN control systems. The IQAN-MD3 is fully programmable for use in any machine application, as a graphical user interface and as a CAN gateway.

The IQAN-MD3 is constructed to be weatherproof for outdoor use. The MD3 will display vehicle data and system information. The IQAN-MD3 has a 3.5” transflective TFT color display. There are five navigation buttons and four ’soft’ function buttons to make interaction with the control simple for the operator. 

The unit is designed to be easily mounted in a vehicle dashboard or exterior control panel. The unit has two sealed and keyed Deutsch DTM 12 position connectors. 

For time critical functions the MD3's sample rate can be set as low as 10 ms. The unit has a large internal memory for events and logging that is capable of storing 80,000 records. 

The MD3 analog inputs accept 0-5V signals from input devices or sensors. These inputs can also be set up as on-off inputs. A digital output is available and may be used for alarm or alert signals. 

The MD3 is connected to other units by two CAN busses. All CAN busses may be configured as ICP (IQAN CAN Protocol), SAE J1939 or Generic CAN. The unit supports RS232 for modem (remote diagnostic) connection and USB for communication with a PC.

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