plug and sockets 3PS



Brand: Proconect
Model: 3PS
Part Number:
Our 3PS range allows distributing easily and in complete safety any different voltage or amperage in a factory or any site, making imposssible any dangerous or forbidden manipulation.

3PS range is the complete answer for management who take industrial safety seriously and have many non-specialist personnel needing power for portable tools and equipment.

Our 3PS plug and sockets are moulded in high quality plastic materials which combine exceptional impact resistance, tolerance of most industrial chemicals, detergents and exposure to UV light.

3PS range is available in 5 different sizes :

•           3PS16 : 16 A - 30 A 

•           3PS32 : 32 A - 50 A

•           3PS63 : 63 A - 90 A

•           3PS125 : 125 A- 150 A

•           3PS200 : 200 A - 250 A