DIN failsafe Shoe Brakes N(NV)...HYD…



Brand: Galvi
Model: N(NV)...HYD…
Part Number:
Failsafe Shoe Brakes as per DIN 15435 standard, with electrohydraulic a.c. HYDRO GALVI Thrusters and with external adjustable main spring set.

• HYDRO GALVI a.c. electrohydraulic Thruster (IP.65, class F) (HYD)
• Aluminium DIN 15435 brake Shoes with steel bushings (CD)
• Asbestos free linings with theoretical friction coefficient μ = 0,42 (42)
• Galvanized pins (PS)
• Self lubricating bushes on main pins (AU)
• Galvanized pins, tie rods, and small items (ZN)
• Epoxy antisalt paint final colour GREY RAL 7001
• Cast iron levers and base for models from diameter 160 mm to diameter 500 mm included
• Steel levers and base for models diameters 630 mm and 710 mm (the steel base, unlike the cast iron base, must be totally in contact with the floor)