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Movable machines, first of all several types of cranes, as container bridges or indoor-cranes, several batch plants and large open-cast mining-devices but also longitudinal reamers in purification plants and sliding platforms realize the current- and data-transfer by means of flexible energy- and control cables.

Maintaining the transmission requires a permanently available system for storing and releasing the cables which moves as synchronous as possible with the movable machine. The basic patterns of the movement - distance, direction, acceleration, speed, mass - are being defined only by the use of the movable machine.
Systems which meet such requirements are the motor driven cable reels.
Motor cable reels consist of reel body, drive and slipring assembly as described in the individual chapters of this catalogue.
Depending on the concrete application case, the recommendations for different accessories can be made.
Besides the current transmission STEMMANN-TECHNIK, upon request, realizes the transmission of different media, e.g. water resp. argon or other gases.

Separate information sheets introduce special utilization-cases of STEMMANN-TECHNIK, in which individual factors of the system ,motor cable reel“ are seen in priority. Spreader reels with extreme acceleration values, power reels with speed of approx. 240 m/min, the synchronous operation of reel and movable machine by means of induction motor-drives, controlled by frequency converters, cylindrical reels used in open-cast mining and other applications show the conversion of the general basics of the system motor cable reel by STEMMANN-TECHNIK The basis for every cable reel is the cable itself. It generates the demand and finally defines the design of the reel. The experiences made during several years of a reel manufacturer concerning reelable cables should be made available. STEMMANN-TECHNIK therefore offers, besides the catalogue, a universal means by which a concrete cable can be defined.
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For long cable lengths to be reeled as for example at the open-cast mining, at ore-dressing plants and large crane-systems the use of cylindrical cable reels with spooling device is recommended. The version is defined by the application-purpose:
• With reel frame and cable pay-off parallel to the reel axle to 2 resp. 1 direction
• Without reel frame, whereas the plummer blocks of the reel body are placed directly on the crane-construction
• With reel frame for cable pay-off cross to the reel-axle to 2 resp. 1 directions
The case shown above is a cable reel without reel frame with plug-on gear and drive of the spooling device by means of acardan shaft. The cable pay-off is effected vertically to the reel shaft to both directions (centre feeding). A pendulum inside the diverting unit serves as tension control (tight- and slack cable). The cable tension is regulated in dependency of the travel direction of the movable machine and by this is kept constant. A torque motor resp. more and more often a three phasecurrent-motor with frequency converter-technique is used as drive. 











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