Heavy forklift trucks 18–52 ton



Brand: Kalmar
Model: DCG180-540
Year of manufacture:
status: New
When your business requires a solution that is ready for the heaviest, most challenging of loads, our range of heavy-duty forklifts offers you everything you need. These powerful and efficient trucks deliver for our customers around the world every day, by being reliable, flexible, agile and offering a superior driver experience.

Ready to take on your heaviest of loads, DCG180-540.

Our new range of heavy forklifts can handle loads of 18 to 54 tonnes with ease. They have been built to deliver on power and performance - yet designed to feel as agile and smooth to operate as a much smaller machine. No matter what you are lifting in your foundry, factory, terminal or assembly line, the new Kalmar Heavy Forklift range will do it efficiently, effectively and safely.