Classic RTG



Brand: Kalmar
Model: Classic RTG
Year of manufacture:
status: New
The Kalmar Classic RTG is known to be a reliable workhorse, with the longest service intervals in the market. It is deployed in many terminals around the world.

Reduce your RTG’s fuel consumption by up to 33%.

Our classic rubber tyred gantry crane features a diesel powertrain that complies with global emission standards. By upgrading this powertrain and adding a Variable Speed Generator you can reduce your fuel consumption over other diesel options by up to 33%. As a variable speed generator allows the engine to run at the most economical speed for the task at hand, it helps you save fuel and money. 
Two different power trains to choose from:

  • a constant speed generator reduces fuel consumption by up to 17%
  • a variable speed generator reduces fuel consumption by up to 33%.
    With a modular design the Kalmar Classic RTG can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your terminal operations. 
    A Kalmar Classic Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane enables you to:
  • reduce your carbon emissions
  • lower fuel consumption by up to 33%
  • reduce operating and maintenance costs in your terminal
  • improve occupational health and safety levels for your RTG crane operators
  • improve availability so you can maintain the highest levels of productivity when moving containers
  • extend your crane's lifespan as your new RTG crane will have a longer operational life and cost you less in the long run.