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Check service - replace turntable bearings

Navaco was extremely delighted to be selected as the construction unit in January 2022 and successfully completed two consecutive projects to replace slewing bearings for crane equipment. Customers of Da Nang Port - Tien Sa Port, as well as Posco Vietnam at Posco Port (BR-VT).

The slewing bearing is a significant and necessary component of the gantry crane, serving as the device's turning function as well as the link between the crane foot and the higher tower, the binding force of the bolts, and the bolt tightening mechanism. To minimize complications during transportation, feathers must be exact.

Navaco accomplished the project on time and in the required technique thanks to the expertise, experience, and efforts of a team of engineers and technicians, as well as the systematic investment in specialist instruments. Customers are pleased because the customized construction project raises and withdraws the bearings from the center of the crane without having to separate each piece of equipment.

Here are some images from the building process:

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