Cáp cuộn RP/RP-D


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Hãng: Conductix Wampfler
Model: RP/RP-D
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Hệ thống cáp cuộn cơ bản

• Reduced diameter and weight as a result of ideal insulation and sheathing materials 
• Better resistance to corkscrew due to reverse twist stranding
• Stable construction and geometry based on extruded fillers
• Outer sheath is highly resistant to wear even in aggressive environments
• Extremely high resilience thanks to a very short lay stranding
• High axial rigidity due to interlinked inner and outer sheaths
• All high voltage cables are produced with left-hand lay Specialities (available on request)
• Composite cables with power + control 
+ fibre optics
• Cables with compounds for low temperature environments down to -50°C
• Cables with compounds and protection for very high temperatures up to 180°C
• Cables suitable for use in all kinds of water (e.g. drinking water, waste water etc.)